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We are part of a larger recruitment firm with expertise in engineering job functions. Each company has its own specialty and Minds for Innovation is the newest addition to the group.

Minds for Innovation specialises in the early stage of academic education in the high-tech sector. We offer recruitment services for technical universities and high-tech industry. With a track-record in PhD, Postdoc and Tenure Track recruitment, we have build up a large network within universities to spot high potentials for the industry. In the Netherlands, we have a well-established educational system where many foreign students come to learn about science, analytical thinking and SMART working. We have the expertise to spot strong analytical engineers of different nationalities and educational levels and help out in the transition between academia and industry.

Academic recruitment track-record


Minds for Innovation has played a pivotal role in several PhD and Postdoc vacancies at the 4 Dutch technical universities. Our additional value has proven to be very useful for larger research programs where industrial collaboration and researcher teamwork is essential. With our professional, structure and personal approach, we give hear to all the involved steak holders and spend special attention to high-potential candidates. This way, you will have a smoothly operating research program and reach the expected end-results. If you are interested in our work, then read more about our contribution at universities and industry following the menu-items.

Our university partners