Academic recruitment is essential for professors

The Netherlands is an exemplary country where the largest part of the technical PhD and PostDoc’s are foreign. The number of international applicants for research positions is increasing yearly, causing a strain on university recruitment activities.

To date, most university recruitment activities are passively orchestrated, relying on university status or renowned professor’s. Vacancies are posted by Human Resources on several job boards and the number of applicants can vary between 30 to 200 per vacancy. And then then the problems occur:

  • Who is going to select the candidates?
  • Who makes sure the candidates are informed and updated in time?
  • Which ones are the best candidates for the project?
  • Did I reach all the potentially good candidates?

It comes down to that the real recruitment work is not as structured as should be. Professor’s need a good candidate for the project, but is responsible to find them themselves. Understandingly, this is not the first point on their to-do list and thus is procrastinated for a long time. In the meanwhile, there are all these candidates waiting for a response or receiving offers from other universities.

We have noticed that the best candidates find their project within 3 months. Which means you need a structured and fast recruitment process to be in time. Depending on whom we talk to within the universities, we hear different views on the problem and thus solutions. We offer a broad range of services that improve candidate quality from recruitment, performance development to helping in the next career step.

Curious to discuss with us our options? Well, we are even more curious to hear what your vision is.

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