Assessments in hiring procedures

Nowadays managers and HR professionals want their employees to contribute more than just with professional skills. Personality and working behavior are the most important aspects when it comes to hiring a new employee. Increasingly, several assessments are being implemented during a selection procedure and even is starting to outweigh the candidate’s skills set. For companies, this is nothing new, but universities are now also catching the wave.  

Why is “the off-paper match” so important?  

People with the right personality can positively affect every aspect of a project or business. Matching future employees with the right position can set them and the organization up for success.

“Most skills can be learned, but it is difficult to train people on their personality” – Virgin Mobile CEO

When people are working in roles that do not fit their soft-skills, they start to deviate their talent towards other things. This can nurture lower employee engagement and reduction of results, lower productivity and a higher employee turnover.  

In most hiring procedures you will find a working behavior or personality assessment. This assessment is nothing to worry about, because there is no right or wrong in the outcome. If you honestly take the test, you will recognize yourself in the results. Which will provide you a checklist of traits for your new or current work environment. You should consider it like holding up a mirror to yourself. With other words: constructive feedback. Whether there is a match between your “unique you” and the specific job or organization depends on the work environment and present culture.  

Working behavior will give you more practical insights than a personality test. The term Working Behavior refers to an activity that is performed to meet the objectives and requirements of a job. It consists of observable (physical) and unobservable (mental) components that can partially be developed over time. In this rapid changing age where requirements evolve depending on what is requested by the employer or end-clients, your employer will want to be able to help you in your personal development. What better way than to start of on the right foot.  

Minds for Innovation has chosen for a specific and short working behavior assessment to make the hiring procedure effective and efficient. It gives us a great starting point to see what the natural and adapted working behavior is. We use it as a selection tool, but also as a coaching tool. We do not believe in the perfect match, but in the development potential of every unique case.   

Curious about your own working behavior with our assessment? 

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