PhD graduates are the refined engineers for industry

The Netherlands is known for its high standing education, but also for increasing numbers of PhD graduate output. Where many academic argue whether this is the way to produce top scientists or not, it seems the government and universities are pushing for more PhD programs. The tendency in technical studies is to have collaborations with industrial partners in almost every PhD project, making the topics more application driven and less fundamental. At this rate, a PhD title seems to be an extension of normal education just as it is for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Increasing difficulty to find qualified technical candidates.

Source: Deloitte.




This change in perspective, also brings along new opportunities for the industry to work with these talented researchers. As Prof. Jan Mengelers from the University of Eindhoven clearly states: “The engineer of tomorrow is more implicated in societal problems and has a different set of qualities”. This certainly also holds true for the Dutch PhD graduates.

The PhD population is a versatile group of academics which are being trained on a daily basis to work with industrial partners on high quality research and relatively strict goals. This calls for people with strong determination and perseverance, but also high analytical, implementation and production drive. Many of them even have managerial skills which most of the times are very well visible during their PhD project.

We at Minds for Innovation are in daily contact with PhD students at the four technical Universities in the Netherlands. We recruit the best students worldwide for these positions, follow them along their academic journey and help them to find their next job. Resulting from this interaction; we have experienced how well-trained and sociable these graduates are and have experienced many cases of ideal integration into industrial careers.

We even have established a norm-profile to easily detect the true deep-tech engineer 4.0, based on their working behavior. We match these behavior qualities with successful behavior for an industrial setting and can adjust this profile even further for the company and job function at hand.

Are you interested to know more about how PhD graduates can be your next bright mind with potential to more? Contact us and we gladly explain to you how intersting these young professionals are.

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