Does my PhD have value?

So, you have done your education in the Netherlands or even Belgium or Germany and you are ready to bring your big bag of knowledge to the table and do some great research! And…. months later you are still waiting for those welcoming arms, but noticed that you are not even invited to see the front gate of any company. Very disappointing and even more despairing. Not to mention that you only have a few more months left before your visa expires.

This same story repeats itself over and over and it seems Dutch companies have not noticed the great potential of talent we have right around the corner. There are several points that cause this resistance to hire foreign PhD professionals:

  • The fear that non-western employees do not adapt to Dutch working culture.
  • There is a large offer of Dutch Master students to fulfil many vacancies.
  • The believe that academic employees cannot adapt to a production-driven environment.
  • The lack of value awareness of a PhD degree.

Minds for Innovation is a big protagonist in making companies aware that these assumptions are unnecessary and a loss of talent employment. Together with our sister organization Building Careers, we step up to help these PhD talents with an industrial career ambition to find their ideal working place. We know the candidate’s worth and have developed a special working behaviour questionnaire to measure the potential of success.

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