Assessments in hiring procedures

2019-04-02T11:41:48+00:00 April 1st, 2019|Categories: Blog|

Nowadays managers and HR professionals want their employees to contribute more than just with professional skills. Personality and working behavior are the most important aspects when it comes to hiring a new employee. Increasingly, several assessments are being implemented during a selection procedure and even is starting to outweigh the candidate's skills set. For companies, this is nothing new, [...]

PhD graduates are the refined engineers for industry

2019-03-05T23:33:26+00:00 March 5th, 2019|Categories: Blog|

The Netherlands is known for its high standing education, but also for increasing numbers of PhD graduate output. Where many academic argue whether this is the way to produce top scientists or not, it seems the government and universities are pushing for more PhD programs. The tendency in technical studies is to have collaborations with industrial partners in almost every [...]

The Newton versus Einstein success profile

2019-01-04T02:44:34+00:00 January 4th, 2019|Categories: Blog|

As academic recruiters, we have learned one important thing: working behavior is the strongest driver for success. We have compiled our accumulated data and have identified two interesting success profiles which we like to call the Newton versus Einstein. We all know Isaac Newton for his famous story on how he discovered gravity by the apple falling from the tree, [...]

How to… write a PhD curriculum vitae

2018-11-14T16:15:13+00:00 November 7th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

In this “how to” we will give you some tips about how to make an outstanding CV. As a little gift, we even have added an easy to fill in format of an academic curriculum vitae. Along the years we have come across may candidates from all over the world and have noticed quite some difference in the applications [...]

How to… Write a PhD motivation letter

2018-11-07T00:36:31+00:00 November 7th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

We come across candidates from all over the world and have noticed quit some differences in how people make their motivation letters for our vacancies. While some people call it a State of Purpose (SOP), others a cover letter or a motivation letter, what is most clear is that it should suit the expectancy of the reader which would be [...]

Academic recruitment is essential for professors

2018-11-07T00:34:39+00:00 November 7th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

The Netherlands is an exemplary country where the largest part of the technical PhD and PostDoc’s are foreign. The number of international applicants for research positions is increasing yearly, causing a strain on university recruitment activities. To date, most university recruitment activities are passively orchestrated, relying on university status or renowned professor’s. Vacancies are posted by Human Resources on several [...]

Does my PhD have value?

2018-11-07T11:38:55+00:00 November 6th, 2018|Categories: Blog|

So, you have done your education in the Netherlands or even Belgium or Germany and you are ready to bring your big bag of knowledge to the table and do some great research! And…. months later you are still waiting for those welcoming arms, but noticed that you are not even invited to see the front gate of any company. [...]