The Family

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We are Minds for Innovation, the international recruitment partner for Dutch industries and universities.

Minds for Innovation (M4i), formerly known as Human Capital BV,  was established as a branch of Materials innovation institute (M2i), a network organization that enables material innovations across The Netherlands and Europe by starting short and long term projects and programs.

Nowadays we are not only active in the field of materials but also on related topics such as Electronics, Optics, Software, Systems Engineering and Modelling.

Our mission

Minds for Innovation connects people to industry and academia. Through our M2i history, we have years of experience in recruiting, selecting and guiding young research talent to academia and industry.

We are engaged on a lot of levels. From renowned universities to industry and government. We strive to maintain a constant flow of highly talented researchers to the Netherlands and keep them in the Netherlands to take full advantage of the gained knowledge.

Our vision

For the influx of new Master and PhD graduates, businesses focus primarily on the Netherlands. But there is excellent potential outside our country, for example in eastern and southern Europe. That is why we have a broader view on potential talent and we look internationally.

International knowledge workers have the advantage of bringing with them new approaches and insights. So why not keep them in the Netherlands after graduation? With our guidance we make the transition to industry as smooth as possible.

Our vision is to match not only on knowledge, but also on personal skills. Our candidate pool exists of the brightest minds who are also creative problem solvers; critical and reflective thinkers; effective and influential contributors and skilled communicators.