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Minds for Innovation for Academia

Minds for Innovation, formerly known as M2i Human Capital, is the first recruitment agency to help academic institutions to find the best high-tech research talent. We attract and select worldwide high-tech MSc, PhD and Postdoc candidates for Dutch technical universities.

Our selection process is fast, professional and personal. Read more about the way we work here.

Our partnership with the TU Delft

We have regularly recruited for various departments of the TU Delft. The complete recruitment process ranges from communication with HR and applicants, search and selection, to advising on who to pick based on a working style behaviour profile. We step in where HR stops, and step out when the candidate has been contracted.

Benefits for working with us

Our recruiters have experience in the high-tech sector and have experienced a PhD trajectory themselves. We understand the academic mindset and have a passion for science. Our approach is personal and tailor made to every client.

We are very proud of our high customer rating.

We have decrease recruitment time from 8 to 3,5 months. Our aim is to constantly improve this record.


Call us to figure out how we can help you with your recruitment problems.

E-mail: info@m4i.nl