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Minds for Innovation for Industry

We help technical companies find knowledgeable young professionals.

The Dutch industry is growing rapidly and forced to be more flexible with technological (r)evolution. An increasing need for employees with deep understanding, problem solving attitude and swift thinking is making the labor market very tough to survive in. With this pace of growth, the Netherlands will have to expand their global recruitment activities. But… did you know the Netherlands is a PhD hub with highly educated young researchers?

Our talent pool

We are pro-actively in contact with the best talent in the high-tech sector. And are focussed on building a network of highly skilled international talent who have found their way to The Netherlands. These students get to know the Dutch culture well. The majority of them are very interested in working in industry after completing their academic project. We aim to select the talents who have both the ambition and profile to pursue a career in The Netherlands.

Contact us

We can accelerate your innovation by finding you the right candidate. Contact us to discuss the skills and qualifications of the candidates you envision and we will do our utmost to make the perfect match.

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Harm Raijmans – Family member & senior consultant

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