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The efficiency of employees is highly defined by knowledge and know-how

All candidates make our assessment before any further selection. We believe that even though candidates have had 4+ years of education in the Netherlands, we still want to compare them to the Dutch technical population average competences. We test the intellectual capacity and working behaviour in a short 40 minute online test. Afterwards, the candidate receives a report with the results for their own development.

Intellectual capacity shows numerical insight and logical reasoning

The capacity tests in the assessment are based on numbers series and figures series. The elements increase in difficulty and have a time-restriction. The result are compared to a norm of the Dutch technical university population. We have set a cut-off score based on our previous experience to determine whether the tests have been passed. These capacity tests have been made in collaboration with a psychometrist and have been compared to existing intelligence test to verify their validity.

Behaviour determines success more than personality

A 15 minute questionnaire with several theses gives a precise outcome of the working behaviour preference of the candidates. The feedback we have received from candidates that have performed the assessment has been far above positive and surprised about how accurate the feedback report is. The questionnaire is based on the Belbin model and Adizes methodology. Together with an organisation psychologist, we have gained insight into the success profile of engineers with an academic population.

The working behaviour preference can be used as a selection tool, but also as starting point development towards successful behaviour. We provide short coaching sessions to aid the soft-landing of placed candidates to ensure a quick and efficient start of the new job. Young academics find such a guidance helpful and refreshing to settle well in a new environment and new responsibilities. Especially expectancy management is a key factor that needs most aid in the transition from academia to industry.


A pre-defined success profile for our academic engineers

With our years of experience in the academic world, we have had access to the working profiles of 25+ nationalities and diverse research areas. With this data, we have studied the working behaviour patterns and have compared them to existing data of successful engineering profiles and management profiles. Based on our efforts, we nog have predefined working behaviour profiles for engineering and management functions. This firstly aids in the pre-selection of candidates for industrial jobs, but also give insight into what desired behaviour is in the industrial environment. The next step is comparing the candidates with the preferred behaviour profile of the company itself to ensure the best match for the job.

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