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Our selection process

Recruiting requires skill and dedication. Our recruiters have many years of experience in the field of  training, coaching, high-end recruitment services and career management. This in combination with our proven assessment, assures that the candidate is qualified for the job and fits in with your company’s culture.

How do we work?

We offer a lean and quick professional recruitment process to efficiently select talent, and match them to your vacancy. Our personal approach to the candidate and client enables us to search and match to each specific need. Our unique proven assessment qualifies the candidates and gives insight into their working behavior.

In short; our recruitment service is tailor made to the High-Tech industry and can be extended to your personal needs. We have an extensive pool of candidates, we unburden your staff by managing the entire selection process.

Our pool of candidates

With our active global candidate network, we have a constant pool of available qualified candidates in the following expertise areas.

  • Applied Physics (nanotechnology, nucleair, photonics)
  • Chemical Engineering (process engineering, synthesis, coatings)
  • Mechanical Engineering (design, engineering, modeling, mechatronics)
  • Materials Science (3D printing, metals, advanced materials, modeling)
  • Electronics
  • Mathematics (statistic modeling, big data)
  • ICT (embedded systems, machine learning, robotics).