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Firstly we start with understanding your organisation and expectations of a candidate

We do not believe in introducing random profiles if we do not see a good match. Sometimes, we go even further and give insight into what actually is needed or expand the possibilities by being open minded about professionals that have great potential but not 100% fitting match. With a relatively short talk, we quickly understand what we are dealing with and get right into action.

Our working ethos: 

  • Direct and open communication
  • Follow up on agreements, but work with realistic ones
  • Solution driven and high quality solutions
  • Empathic and thinking along

A high quality match is based on more than a CV

Every company is unique and therefore will match better with a certain kind of candidate. Also the job requires a specific skill set to be successful and push the company to the next level. To get a good understanding of the requirements for the candidate to be successful, we make a desired working behaviour profile with the hiring manager.

Deep thinkers with application ability

Our network within the PhD community gives us great privilege to spot high potentials directly. We speak to them regularly and they know us as sparring partners for their own career development.

But… it is more than just having direct access. We have developed an assessment to measure intellectual capacity and working behaviour. Based on our own study on working behaviour, we can easily detect the engineers between the academics. With this standardised working attitude, we have a set of minimal behavioural assets which all our candidates poses. To complete the desired profile, we just need the company’s unique input.

Our expertise areas are within:

  • Applied Physics (nanotechnology, nucleair, photonics)
  • Chemical Engineering (process engineering, synthesis, coatings)
  • Mechanical Engineering (design, engineering, modeling, mechatronics)
  • Materials Science (3D printing, metals, advanced materials, modeling)
  • Electronics
  • Mathematics (statistic modeling, big data)
  • ICT (embedded systems, machine learning, robotics).
Our online assessment

Want to know more?

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Robrecht BakkerManaging director
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