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Minds for Innovation for Talents

Minds for Innovation is the one to contact when it comes to starting a research program or industrial career in the Netherlands. Through our history as a recruitment partner for TU Delft we know exactly what it takes.

We would like to get know you!

We have a personal approach and focus on what your qualities are, both hard & soft skills. We go deeper into your profile and ambitions to help you achieve your personal development goals. We do this by combining our assessment and dedicated attention. We place you in a research project and environment at one of the Dutch technical universities that best fits you. If you decide to pursue a career in industry after your graduation, we can connect you to several tech-leaders in our network.

What Minds for Innovation does for you

  • We screen your CV and motivation to get a good understanding of your expertise and interests
  • We offer you an assessment to determine your personal fit with a specific work environment, organization or project
  • We compare your ambitions and your profile to opportunities in the Netherlands, in academia or industry
  • We introduce you to organizations that fit your personal and professional profile
  • We help you get an understanding of the Dutch culture to increase your career opportunities
  • We make you part of our career family; bringing you into contact with fellow researchers