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Industrial positions

Have you finished your Masters, PDEng, PhD or Postdoc and ready for a next step in the Dutch industry? Minds for Innovations can introduce you to high tech companies in the Netherlands. We have a close network with various industrial partners.

How do we work

We offer tailormade career advice and focus on your best career possibilities within the Netherlands. With an online assessment, we determine which organization fits your personal profile and suits your personal development the best. This eliminates surprises and gives you a good idea of where your next career step could be. You will receive a detailed report of the outcome of the assessment. With the results you can set your own personal career goals and develop yourself further.

Why pursue your career in the Netherlands?

Did you know that the Netherlands is rated #6 in the top 20 happiest countries in the world ? Well, also the high-tech industry in the Netherlands is among the most innovative in the world. Thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge research and development, there is a high demand on Dutch technological knowledge and products which are exported worldwide.

Quick facts about the Dutch high-tech industry:

  1. The Dutch have an open, creative & entrepreneurial spirit
  2. Our technological excellence leads the high-tech market
  3. We are a computer-savvy population
  4. We have a network of specialized companies and institutions & are frontrunner in ‘open innovation’
  5. We always keep an eye on the future

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