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Our online assessment

To make the perfect match we start the selection procedure with our online assessment: a working behavior questionnaire and capacity test.

Working behavior questionnaire

The working behavior of a candidate determines the success of the project. The expectancy of Dutch universities and industry is to work with independent and creative thinkers with a high-quality standard. We use a validated working behavior questionnaire to measure the natural working behavior of our applicants.

We perform the study in collaboration with the creators of this questionnaire on the working characteristics of a successful academic researcher. Based on our data and in-depth analysis of our clients at multiple universities, we can distinguish a set of characteristics which define a successful candidate, differentiating between PDeng, PhD and PostDoc profiles. Our next step is to set-up a similar study with our industrial partners for several industrial positions.

Capacity test

Intelligence is a strong indicator for good scientific performance, but it is hard to compare international grades and training to Dutch standards. Many international universities base high grades on hard work and production to define a good student. Whereas in the Netherlands, we define a good student differently, thus have other expectations.

Our capacity test measures logical reasoning and numerical insight based on numbers- and figure series. Selection is based on comparison with Dutch university MSc and PhD students to select the best candidates. We have a continuous study on the performance of our applicants and how to improve our tests.