PhD position Through-Process Modelling for Steel Product Development – Technical University of Delft, Delft (the Netherlands)

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Introduction A great challenge when developing new steel products is the possibility to predict or control the surface condition during manufacturing and of the final product. Current predictions [...]

PhD: Modelling Bearing Steels for Wind Turbine Applications – Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

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Introduction The case-carburized bearing versions have in the recent past shown premature failures in the form of Irregular White Etching Cracks (IrWEC). The performance of the bearings was [...]

PhD: Unraveling the effect of microstructure statistics on failure of multi-phase steels (UNFAIL) – Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands)

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Introduction This PhD vacancy concerns the numerical part of the project to unravel how the statistics of phase distribution and phase properties govern the strength and ductility of [...]